Social Activities

Social responsibility activty at chennai

On March 28, 2016, our CSR (Corporate social responsibility) team from Chennai office visited the Andhra Mahila Sabha orphanage in Chennai.

Andhra Mahila Sabha is an orthopaedic centre in Chennai where education and training is provided to students and adults (mentally and physically challenged) through Special Education, Therapy, Residential care, Vocational Training and Skills. The institution has now grown into a rehabilitation centre with residential facilities for physically and mentally challenged children and adults with over 135 residents.

Citec India extended a generous donation towards the orphanage along with distributing snacks for all.

It was astounding to see the unusual skills some of them had and how the organisation has identified and developed those skills further to help them earn a living.

CSR Chennai 2016


Social responsibility activty at Mumbai

On November 2, 2015, our CSR (Corporate social responsibility) team from Mumbai office visited the Mermier Bal Ashram (orphanage) in Navi Mumbai. We were pleased to be accompanied by our CEO Mr. Martin Strand, Mrs. Strand and Citec India’s Local management team.

The Mermier Bal Ashram is one of 4 centres run by the Jan Vikas society founded by Fr. Francis Mulackal. Collectively the orphanages are home to around 75 children of various age groups coming from a very humble background as street rag pickers. These children are adopted by the orphanages and are protected, cared for and provided with facilities to complete their education. The younger ones study in different schools in the area and teenagers are enrolled into vocational and technical trainings. Some of these are even studying engineering.

Citec India extended a generous donation towards the orphanage along with some gifts and snacks for each of these children.

Our employees at Citec Mumbai also voluntarily came forward to contribute towards this cause and with their contribution, we could also gift the orphanage, 2 refrigerators and CCTV cameras which they were genuinely in need of. Thanks to all Citecians who have supported this activity.

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Social responsibility activty at Bangalore

On March 25, 2015, our CSR (Corporate social responsibility) team visited the Shree Sangameshwara Vidyalaya School supported by Baalya foundation NGO, in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Baalya Foundation is a Registered Non-profitable organization (NGO) visualized in the year 2009 inspired by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Baalya means childhood in Sanskrit language.

The Baalya foundation supports local schools in various ways right from creating a desire for education in children, guiding & mentoring them about opportunities available for their future to conducting scholarship programmes and donating educational kits every year to students. Shree Sangameshwara Vidyalaya is one such school supported by Baalya, which educates about more than 150 students of various age groups from Nursery to Higher Primary. Most of the students come from slum areas with a very poor background.

Citec India offered the Baalya organisation monetary aid to support their noble vision.

CSR Bangalore 2015