Information Creation

As a multi-discipline engineering and consulting services company, we have been delivering high quality and fast-paced projects globally since the last 30 years. Our proven track record and excellent customer satisfaction ratio makes us a trusted strategic partner to industry leaders in the energy and power, manufacturing, and civil verticals.

One of our key business offerings, Information Management services helps deliver modular, scalable, and reusable documentation solutions for our esteemed clients. We contribute at all stages of a documentation development lifecycle (DDLC) and offer a broad spectrum of services listed below:

  • Information design and architecture

  • Product Documentation and Technical writing

  • Content management system  (CMS)

  • Illustration, animation, 3D graphics

  • Translation and localization

  • Marketing communication and learning solutions

  • Documentation technology, methods and processes (Document Control)

  • Compilation and publishing

  • Migration of legacy projects

Our expertise and experience in Information Management has led to the development of CitecFemton, an online DITA-based CMS solution that aims to make content creation and management easy, error-free, and cost-effective! CitecFemton has an easy to use interface that allows documentation teams to write, edit, review, translate, and publish content via a single web portal.

We have successfully delivered varied projects such as migration of unstructured documents, creation of new content, and publishing multiple output formats for our satisfied and happy customers using CitecFemton.

Citec Femton