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Making your CCMS go the extra mile

Presented at the DITA Europe 2016 conference in Munich, November 2016. 

Joakim Nybäck, Information Architect at Citec, explores the potential to automate routine tasks in documentation work using application programming interfaces (APIs).



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Carbon capture and storage - a case study

Presented at Energia 2016, the largest energy fair in Finland, in Tampere, October 2016. 

Jonas Nylund spoke about the political drivers behind carbon capture and storage (CCS) and described an advanced CCS feasibility study in Norway.




New project services for power heating investments

Citec has developed a system that improves the logistics at construction sites. On average there is a saving of 4 weeks in the timetable for construction of a power station. Read more.


(e)Learning solutions

 Training sessions, as we all have experienced, can be tedious or they can be inspiring. The same applies to digitally distributed training – elearning. The fact is that elearning versus traditional training has significant positive business impact, with 20% or more improvement in rollout of new products and reduction of training costs.
This article shows how the use of elearning can benefit your business and your customers; as a differentiator to your competitors and a way to add value to your product or services. The article also presents a few hints and tips on how to get started. Read more.

Innovation makes tall oil hot
Tall oil is becoming an ever more important by-product of pulp production in the pulp and paper industry. Read about Citec's tall oil solution - a new type of tall oil digester facility, which offers better accessibility and improved profitability. Read more.

CO2 mineralization - a potential carbon dioxide capture and storage (CSS) solution
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is defined as a greenhouse gas, which simply put means that it contributes to the warming of the earth’s surface. There has been a rapid increase in the concentrations of atmospheric CO2 since the industrial revolution. As the importance of controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions becomes increasingly more important this article presents CO2 mineralization as a potential solution. Read more.

Development in engineering tools
Customer satisfaction is crucial in all industries. In this article you will learn about some of the tools design engineers use, with a special focus on how the tools have developed over time to assist engineers in delivering better solutions. Read more.

Documentation portal
With markets expanding and the amount of product information growing, there is an increasing need to deliver user documentation in a personalized, user-friendly way. Citec’s documentation portal can be your solution too. Read more.

Earthing systems in power plants
Earthing (grounding) is an important part of electrical design: it ensures safety against various fault conditions and protects control and IT systems from disturbances. Read more.

Modularisation - a key driver to power plant efficiency
Modularisation of products is a well known way to reduce engineering, logistics and installation costs. However, its positive effects on total EPC project delivery efficiency have unfortunately often been forgotten. Read more.

How to enhance plant documentation
A huge amount of documentation flows through a plant during its lifetime. This article describes how to avoid the most common pitfalls. Read more.

Using Finite Element Calculations and measurements to develop a product’s vibration behaviour
In the engineering world the vibrations can be both measured and calculated. Vibration is sometimes desirable while more often regarded as undesirable. Read more.

Citec Site Material Tracker

Most EPC projects suffer from non-conformities or deviations related to the hardware involved during installation phase. These non-conformities and deviations are most of the time identified too late and cause delays in a scale of several weeks or months. Cost impact on projects may affect severely their profitability. Read more.