Citec was established in 1984.
Citec is an engineering consultancy providing multi-discipline engineering and information management services for the industry.
We strive towards improving the value and usability of your products and processes in multi-discipline engineering and technical communication. Our offshore solutions, in combination with our local customer service, provide our customers with clear advantages in terms of competence, cost efficiency and high quality. Thanks to our solid global experience, we are able to achieve the results needed.
We like to think that Citec’s added value comes through our ability to understand your – and your customers’ – visions, needs and ways-of-working. Our target is to make you succeed and to become your preferred partner.

The number of Citec employees amounts to approximately 1300 and the turnover for 2016 to about 72 million EUR. Citec is headquartered in Vaasa, Finland, and has offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, India, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.