Working in Citec

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Growth company. Global working environment and challenging projects. Friendly atmosphere and skilled colleagues. Freedom to develop. Expertise with passion. This is Citec.

In Citec you have the feeling of being part of a small working community even though we are doing business worldwide. Through our global projects and innovations within the energy field you have the opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives and on society. You have the opportunity of working on shorter or longer terms in our locations worldwide or enjoy the challenges of an international environment within your home country.

With thousands of projects made to 109 countries worldwide Citec has the know-how needed to offer people a career filled with opportunities and challenges. The projects vary from one-man analyses to projects involving hundreds of consultants from all around the world. We want our employees to grow and develop their competence. You have the opportunity to grow your career in several directions and we encourage our employees to continuously broaden their field of competence.

Citec works systematically to incorporate continuous learning into a daily routine: the learning model is 70% learning by doing, 20% learning from others and 10% learning by training. The Citec Academy offers everything from training courses in entrepreneurial skills, to leadership and project management.

The working atmosphere is unique in Citec. Our employee surveys show year from year the people enjoy working with each other globally. Inspiration, openness, flexibility and encouragement are key words in our everyday work.